Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hot Pepper Packages

I'd like to share a message I just sent via the contact us link at  Granted it's a small thing but an irritating one, to me anyway.  I'd encourage anyone else reading this to do the same.  If not for me then perhaps for the ecological reasons regarding packaging....



Quick comment about the hot peppers sold at Rocca's No Frills (269 Coxwell Ave. in Toronto):  A few months ago the hot peppers (Jamaican peppers and chillies) started to be sold in packages rather than loosely in the produce section.  Trouble is, that I--like I'm sure many people in the area--live on my own and even though I like to cook spicy foods I really can't do much with a package of 8-10 scotch bonnets.  Inevitably the left over peppers rot in my fridge (or my curries end up so hot as to be inedible).

For the most part this isn't a problem as the store is located next to a large Indian bizarre with lots of other stores selling individual peppers but it would be nice to be able to buy all the ingredients I'm looking for in one spot.

Would it be possible to start selling the peppers loosely again?

Thanks in advance.
I realise that the No Frills stores are franchises (or are otherwise operated at arms length from Loblaws and PC and whoever owns and operates the website) so please forward this message as appropriate.

Now I know, I know.  Perhaps I should be buying all my ingredients in the Bazaar anyway and forgetting the big corporate grocery store.  Well, at least corporate affiliated.  After all as far as I can tell they're a franchise.  Hold on, I'm getting derailed <picks up train of thought and put's it back on the rails>.  Trouble is that the afore mentioned Jamaican peppers aren't typically available in the Bazaar; at least I've never seen them.  But they are tasty for doing West Indian dishes.

Okay maybe I should haul ass to the nearest West Indian grocer for them but I don't know of any in the area. Any suggestions?  Or maybe they should just go back to selling the peppers individually like they used to.


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