Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Add a Network Printer for All Users

If you've got a windows machine that multiple people log in to and a printer that's shared via windows printer sharing on  the network you've probably noticed that you have to go in to the add printer wizard for each user who logs into the workstation and add the network printer.  There is a way to add the printer globally so that--like a local printer the network printer is available for anyone who logs into the machine.

To add the global network printer log in as a user with administrative rights then open up a command prompt and type:

rundll32.exe Printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /ga /n"\\printServer\printQueName"

(Substitute 'printServer' for the hostname or ip address of your print server and 'printQueName' with the name of the printer as defined on the server.)

Don't worry if there's no output that's normal.  Then restart the print spooler windows service in the control panel --> administrative tools --> services.

That's it.  You're network printer should now be available to all users who log into that machine.

If at some point you want to remove the globally added printer you'll need to re-run the command from the command line.  Just change /ga to /gd then again restart the print spooler service.

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