Thursday, December 16, 2010

Time of Use Energy Billing

I just wrote to my MPP Peter Tabuns after hearing about a consultant's report delivered to the Ontario Energy Board that suggested a wider gap between 'On Peak' and 'Off Peak' times. Call me cynical but that sounds like higher on-peak rates rather than lower off-peak rates to me. The print version of the story I heard on the radio can be found at the CBC here.

Hi Peter,
I'm just hearing a story on the CBC's morning show news about a report from a consultant suggesting that there be a greater difference between energy rates depending on the time of use. (

I don't suppose that the intention is to lower the off-peak time?

I'm concerned because like many I'm employed in a job that I don't have much control over what time I show up at so that tends to dictate what time I'm using energy.

It's kinda funny, I seem to remember reading a book that proposed something radical. Public power at cost. Humm, who wrote that... Howard something. Seems like a good idea. Too bad so many throw their votes away by voting Conservative and Liberal.

Anyway, I just felt that I needed to say something after seeing that story.

Keep up the good work.


The book I referenced is Public Power by former Ontario NDP leader Howard Hampton.

Later in the afternoon yesterday I got this reply from Peter's office:

Kevin, thanks for passing this along. The price is like a balloon. You
push in on one side and the other side bulges out. Any price change they
make affects all the others. You are in the same position as many -
their ability to change consumption at key times is really limited. Take
care. Peter

Doesn't really change anything. I guess there's a reason it's called 'peak'; because people are using it. Still, pretty good turnaround time on a random constituent's email.

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